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Why Connect?

Because it’s powerful, because it’s fun.

If you’re like me you got the message young that needing help equated to weakness. This belief clung to me like a static-y sock well into my adult years. I took pride in being available for others and never asking for help in return. Look at me, I thought. So strong!

But over the years I recognized a pattern. Behind me lay a string of broken friendships, and I was lonely. The depth of relationship I wanted with family members and other women–deep friendship–was eluding me. When my family faced a serious mental health crisis everything changed.

In her book, The Gifts of Imperfection, Bren√© Brown writes that connection is wired into our biology. “From the time we are born, we need connection to thrive emotionally, physically, spiritually, and intellectually.” Due to illness, I was forced to admit I needed help. I was forced to stop pretending that life was perfect. I was forced to wake up to the truth of this messy, wonderful world and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Making and sustaining meaningful relationships takes courage, dedication, effort, and (gulp) vulnerability. My healing journey taught me the value of letting my guard down, reaching out, and asking for help. I no longer live in a mindset of scarcity and fear. I’m becoming a better, healthier version of myself because I found my tribe.

Here on this site, in my live art classes, and during virtual book clubs I create safe spaces for women to connect. I’m building a community where we can experience the joy, love, and awe of giving and receiving with an open heart.

We live our most authentic life when we make the conscious choice to risk being seen and bridge the gaps between us. I hope you’ll join us.

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HeArt Journaling Classes

are for anyone interested in exploring how to play with paint, glitter, and glue. What might your art show you?

Virtual Book Club

will return in 2024 with my book, Bloodlines: A Memoir of Harm and Healing. More on that to come. Click the link to SUBSCRIBE to the community.

Self-Care Sisters

is a private Facebook group dedicated to empowering women to connect in the practice of self-care. All are welcome.


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Members of Groups

Going in, I wasn’t sure virtual book club would be a meaningful experience. Tracey’s group exceeded my expectations and left me looking forward to more gatherings.

Maria O’R.

book club participant

I cannot say enough about these classes! Give yourself time to play and get creative.
So. Much. Fun.

Joan S.

Art class Student

I recommend the group to anyone, regardless of the stage of life you’re in. It provides for a shared experience in caring for ourselves.

Mary M.

Self-care sister

Community empowers women.

That’s what I’m all about. Join the fun!