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heArt Journaling 101 – class 3

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101 class 3!

The Short:
What: heArt Journaling 101 with Tracey
When: Wednesdays, June 2, 9, 16 @ 10am – 12:30p pacific
Where: via zoom
Cost: $100 (a 10% saving off normal class prices, *sale price extended*)

The Long:

What the heck is mixed media art journaling?

Art journaling is often called a form of visual diary. In journals, we combine color, texture, and form to create snapshots of what’s happening around and inside us. We record thoughts, emotions, and feelings. We get our fingers dirty. We allow our inner child to come out to play. You may be thinking, Luxury. No! Creativity is a direct path to reconnecting with ourselves and is a gift of self-care. Plus, it’s SUPER fun. Give yourself permission to spend part of your day surrounded by color.

Let me be clear: you ARE an artist. Every single one of us is creative. You do NOT need to be an Artist (capital A) to create fun, inspired, colorful, and appealing art for yourself!

Art journaling 101 will give you the basic information you need in 3 classes and 7.5 hours to start expressing yourself visually. Wondering what supplies to buy? If art journaling is expensive? If you need to dedicate huge amounts of time for creating? Never fear. You’ll receive a few directions and information ahead of time, along with a list of basic supplies. Together, we’ll review an optional list of additional supplies during class, and get your creative juices flowing.

We’ll touch on basic color theory and composition—pesky “rules” that are meant to be broken. My own “Or Not” rule. We play, play, play and have a great time understanding supplies and adding lots of layers to the pages we create in our journal.

We give ourselves permission to play, learn tips to get out of our own way, and work on letting go of perfectionism.

And, you’ll have the opportunity once class is complete to join my expanding community of heArt women, dedicated to cultivating self-expression and fun in a safe and supportive online group setting.

To get more information or to sign up, fill in the form or email me directly at traceyyokas@gmail.com.

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