tsy oct 1 zoom class

Zoom teaching session

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This is a 3-hour process class.

How do we dive into creating? What can get in our way? How do we access intuition at the start and throughout a project?

These are just a few of the questions we’ll consider when we sit down together (via Zoom) on October 1 to create.

We’ll get as far as we can in the time available. This image is NOT the project we will create, but I wanted to give an idea here, for those who are newer to journaling. I am in intuitive journaler, which means I rarely have a predetermined layout in mind. Plus, I want you to use whatever material you have on hand. (More information about this will come in the class email.)

We will use paint, collage elements, stencil, stamping, Archival ink — all the normal stuff.

I’m excited for this class, to explore how we can maximize a creative session (because let’s face it, not every single session is maximized and that is okay!) for its ripples to extend beyond the page!

This class requires a 3 participant minimum.

Monthly HeArt Journaling Classes: Zoom

    This class is only available online via Zoom.
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