Mixed Media Art Classes

collages, journals, and self-discovery

Mixed Media Art Classes

What is HeArt Journaling?

Mixed media journaling is often referred to as visual diary making. In journals, we combine color, texture, and form to create snapshots of what’s happening around and inside us. We record thoughts, emotions, and feelings. We get our fingers dirty. We allow our inner child to come out to play.

You may be thinking, Luxury. No! Creativity is a direct path to reconnecting with ourselves and our intuition, and it’s a gift of self-care. Plus, making stuff is SUPER fun. Give yourself permission to spend part of your day surrounded by color.

Let me be clear: you ARE an artist. Every single one of us is creative. You do NOT need to be an Artist (capital A) to create fun, inspired, colorful, and appealing art for yourself. It’s a myth and a lie that creativity should be reserved for those who could make money be selling art. Every human being is entitled to access the joy, fun, healing, and community that can accompany a creative lifestyle.

Including you!

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What are just a few of the lessons I’ve learned later in life by embracing my creativity?

Creativity allows me to experience imperfection (rips, smudges, layouts that don’t live up to my imagination) and to laugh about it.

Creativity is fun and surprising!

Creativity is a HUGE way to use my voice, and it supports my resilience.

What might a creative practice do for you?

Ways to Play

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Free Art Hangouts

Free Art Hangouts

Every quarter, I offer a FREE Art Hangout over Zoom to #ArtPosse subscribers. This is two hours of non-directed art time to commune, chat, and have fun. Subscribe and join the next one!

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From the #ArtPosse

“Tracey’s art class changed my life and introduced me to a new and wonderful way to express myself. My art journaling has helped me so much in this past year of isolation. I can never thank Tracey enough for introducing me to this.”

– Diane S.

“So grateful to Tracey for bringing a creative spark to my life!”

– Melanie S.

“I highly recommend it! Tracey is well-versed in many techniques. You’ll have fun and wish you had taken her class sooner. Art can be life-changing to your psyche.”

– Susan S.