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collages, journals, and self-discovery

What is HeArt Journaling?

Mixed media journaling is often referred to as artistic diary making. In journals, we combine color, texture, and form to create snapshots of what’s happening around and inside us. We record thoughts, emotions, and feelings. We get our fingers dirty. We allow our inner child to come out to play.

You may be thinking, Luxury. No! Creativity is a direct path to reconnecting with ourselves and our intuition, and it’s a gift of self-care. Plus, making stuff is SUPER fun. Give yourself permission to spend part of your day surrounded by color.

Let me be clear: you ARE an artist. Every single one of us is creative. You do NOT need to be an Artist (capital A) to create fun, inspired, colorful, and appealing art for yourself

From the #ArtPosse

Tracey’s art class changed my life and introduced me to a new and wonderful way to express myself. My art journaling has helped me so much in this past year of isolation. I can never thank Tracey enough for introducing me to this.

Diane S.

So grateful to Tracey for bringing a creative spark to my life!

Melanie S.

A great class! I highly recommend it! Tracey is well-versed in many techniques. You’ll have fun and wish you had taken her class sooner. Art can be life-changing to your psyche.

Susan S.

Introductory Art Classes

New to me? New to art?

Feel like you don’t know what you’re doing? No problem. I’ve got the solution. HeArt Journaling 101 and 102. Classes designed to teach you everything you need to know to get started having fun.

Read more about HeArt Journaling 101 and 102 below.

Take an Introductory Class

play, grow, explore


I schedule new classes based on interest and request. Click the button to sign up for updates so I can let you know when class is in session!

Monthly HeArt Journaling Classes

You’ve taken 101 and 102. Now what?

Now join us every month for my ongoing series of mixed media classes. Each month is a new topic, technique or prompt to keep the creative juices flowing.

And, in addition to monthly class, my FREE gift to you is a monthly zoom hangout. Two hours of time to hangout with me and the #artposse doing non-directed art to commune, chat, and have fun. Check the Event & Class Calendar for all event dates.

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Sign Up for Monthly Art Classes

Connect with your inner creative goddess on a regular basis.

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New dates for Monthly HeArt Journaling classes are announced in batches a few times each year.

Classes are 2.5 hours long and always open for enrollment.

Every month we have a new theme. One date will be taught on Zoom, the other will be taught IN PERSON. Remember: the online and in person class is a repeat so chose 1 each month. (*I record the Zoom classes, in case you can’t attend live.)

You can purchase individual classes by Date for $20/each, or purchase three classes for a 15% discount.

To redeem your discount, select your 3 desired classes, then enter the code ARTPOSSE into discount field. The total will update with your discount.

Event & Class Calendar

Introductory Classes are priced individually. Monthly classes are $20/each. Hangouts are free for #ArtPosse members.

Contact me for private tutoring or, if you live nearby, hosting an art party in your home!

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