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— Excerpt from Bloodlines: A Memoir of Self-Harm & Healing Generational Trauma

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Tracey Yokas had everything she wanted: a loving husband and a beautiful daughter. Life looked perfect. So why was she unhappy?

Tracey’s perfect-looking façade crumbled when thirteen-year-old Amelia was diagnosed with depression and an eating disorder. When Tracey discovered blood around the house, she realized that Amelia was cutting herself. Desperate, she and her husband did everything they could to help Amelia get better; to no avail. As her daughter spiraled out of control, Tracey was confronted with heartbreak she’d never imagined possible, as well as the realization that the system that was supposed to help her daughter was horribly flawed.

This descent into darkness and fear for her daughter’s life led Tracey, one painful step at a time, to peel back the layers of armor she’d spent years collecting. She had to reevaluate her values and confront her beliefs, habits, and patterns. In short, she had to lead by example; had to learn how to care, truly care, about herself in order to teach Amelia to do the same. In the end, the key to helping her daughter was first helping herself.

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An honest, raw, and emotional look at a family nearly torn apart dealing with a child’s mental illness. Told from a mother’s point of view, Bloodlines takes readers on the harrowing journey she faced while doing everything in her power to help her daughter. This memoir of an arduous, painful road to recovery is also one of acceptance, love, and hope.

Jeni Driscoll

Jeni Driscoll

author of the mental health blog Peace from Panic

In her journey to examine and understand the emotional scars handed down from her family experience, Tracey Yokas finds her truth and her voice. We witness the beautiful unfolding of powerful insight, courage, and wisdom. Tracey becomes a warrior to free her daughter, herself, and her family from a seemingly endless nightmare.

F.D. Raphael

F.D. Raphael

author of The Rock Stars of Neuroscience and founder of

A powerfully honest, riveting, and stigma-busting peek into the oft-hidden shadow world of self-harm that shines with Yokas’s hope and determination to find a path to healing for her daughter, and herself.

Lauri Taylor

Lauri Taylor

author of The Accidental Truth: What My Mother’s Murder Investigation Taught Me About Life

“Maybe I’d been going about this in the wrong way—

wanting other people to change, Amelia to change. Maybe the person who needed to change was me.

Although I was clueless how to go about it, I saw that I needed a new way forward. It was time to focus my diligence on me. Amelia was in treatment and was as safe as she could be. She was learning, I hoped, how to fall in love with herself, to see herself the way her dad and I saw her. Peter would work on his anxiety, or not. He’d work on his communication, or not. He’d do or not do whatever he wanted. But for me, the time had come. It was now or never. If everything that had led to this moment wasn’t enough to get me to change, nothing else would be enough.

I had to lead by example. My new job was to figure out how to fall as deeply and madly in love with myself as I had always been with my daughter.”

— Excerpt from Bloodlines: A Memoir of Self-Harm and Healing Generational Trauma

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