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Bloodlines Virtual Book Club

Event date and time: Thursday, June 13 @ 5pm, PT

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Mental Health & Healing

In today’s fast-paced, post-pandemic world, mental health has emerged as a silent crisis, both close to home in California and across the globe. Even as we strive for progress, our overall mental wellbeing lags behind, with mental health conditions deeply affecting our schools, workplaces, and communities.

In the United States, there’s a growing recognition of the prevalence of mental health concerns, as well as the significant barriers to accessing treatment and support. The COVID-19 pandemic further complicated data collection and understanding of these issues, underscoring the critical need for open dialogue and reliable resources.

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Globally, depression and anxiety not only diminish the quality of life for millions but also impose a staggering economic cost of US$ 1 trillion annually. Despite this, less than 2% of government health expenditures worldwide are allocated to mental health. The statistics related to mental health for our teens are scarily heading in the wrong direction.

This backdrop paints a clear picture: it is necessary, now more than ever, that humans come together to address mental health openly and honestly, advocate for better support, and share in the healing power of community and storytelling.

Recovery is real. So is hope. No one need walk this journey alone.

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It’s time to act – We must make mental health and wellness a regular topic of conversation. No One NEED FEEL alone. Let’s talk about it… Together.”

Share stories and ask questions at the next Virtual Book Club event

a live, compassionate gathering for book lovers about generational transmission of trauma and mental health and wellness for self, family, and friends.

On Thursday, June 13 at 5pm, pacific, via Zoom, you’re invited to join us for a transformative journey where mental health is front and center. Together, Laura Munson, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, and I will delve into the heart of mental wellness, guided by poignant reflections from my book, Bloodlines: A Memoir of Harm and Healing.

  • Experience a 90-minute live Zoom odyssey of empathy and insight. A safe space, moderated by Laura, where stories become powerful tools for healing.
  • Hear me read from my book–a raw and honest memoir of resilience.
  • Explore what healing looks like and take a step towards breaking the chains of generational trauma.
  • Breakout sessions will provide attendees with the opportunity to craft specific questions.
Bloodlines Virtual Book Club

Your Story Matters

This is not just another conversation — it might be a lifeline. Whether you’re a concerned parent, a mental health provider, an educator, or someone with a story that’s yearning to be told, your voice matters in the discussion around mental health. Purchase your copy of Bloodlines: A Memoir of Harm and Healing and sign up for Virtual Book Club!

How to Participate

Purchase the Book

The ticket for admission is simply purchasing the book itself! So get your copy at your preferred vendor or by following one of the links here. Save a screenshot or take a picture of your book or receipt to upload when you register! If you’ve already purchased one of Laura’s books, this can also apply towards your admission.

Register for Book Club

Fill out the registration form, upload your proof of purchase, and you’re in! You’ll receive a confirmation email at the time of sign up, email event reminders, and the event link the day prior to and of the event. Now’s the time to start reading your new book in preparation for the event!

Join the Event

Come together with Book Club participants to enjoy a live reading, discussion and Q&A session.

After the event, a donation will be made to my local National Alliance of Mental Illness affiliate, (NAMI), NAMI-Ventura County.

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About the Book

Advanced praise for Bloodlines: A Memoir of Harm and Healing

“Yokas connects the dots between various points of generational trauma to examine the ways in which we get caught up in narratives that began before we were born—and the ways in which such narratives can be rewritten. A relatable family story of mental illness and maternal love.” —Kirkus Reviews

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“Tracey Yokas masterfully and emotionally weaves the tale: a daughter’s mental health diagnoses and a mother’s quest to support her. Bloodlines is a raw, honest look at the limitations a history of trauma can have on us and our loved ones. A painful and arduous road to recovery—for both mom and daughter—is also a testament to acceptance, hope, and love.”

– Jeni D.

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“No matter what is breaking your heart, sometimes the best place to look for answers is inside yourself. Tracey Yokas shows us how.”

– Laura M.

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“In her journey to examine and understand the emotional scars handed down from her family experience, Tracey Yokas finds her truth and her voice. We witness the beautiful unfolding of powerful insight, courage, and wisdom. Tracey becomes a warrior to free her daughter, herself, and her family from a tangled web of illness and trauma.”

– F.D. Raphael

Virtual Book Club Details

What’s included

  • 90 min. live Zoom event with me and our host and moderator Laura Munson, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, and founder of the acclaimed Haven Writing Retreat
  • Reading, discussion, and Q&A
  • Insight, connection, and inspiration to support mental health and wellness both as individuals and in community

*Please note if you’ve already purchased one of Laura’s books, this can also apply towards your admission.

Common Questions

What do I need to participate?

You’ll just need reliable Zoom access, a quiet space to listen, and an open heart!

To get the most out of this Virtual Book Club event, you’re encouraged to read the book before attending. I can’t wait to answer your questions, hear your thoughts, and dig into our discussion as a group.

Will there be a recording of the event?

Sorry, no recording will be made available.

How do I sign up?

First, order your copy of Bloodlines: A Memoir of Harm and Healing. Then, register here! Once you’re signed up, you’ll receive the necessary event information via email… then it’s time to dive in to your new book!

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We all have mental health. A loved one, friend or co-worker may secretly be yearning for someone safe to talk to about a struggle they’re experiencing. Conversations about lived experiences combined with compassion and acceptance is the path to reducing the stigma that prevents people from reaching out for help.”

Opening the Door to Dialogue


Imagine if sharing your story could be the key to healing. Not just for you, but for others who feel lost in the silence. This is something I found was true for me as I wrote and spoke about the experiences I describe in Bloodlines: A Memoir of Harm and Healing. Real life was the direct path to, the reason for, these discussions.

I learned the hard way, by hitting my personal emotional rock bottom, during a period of deep suffering, that the only person I could control was me. More than a decade later, I’ve worked my way back to having healthier, happier relationships with myself and others, and more empathy, gratitude and compassion. Becoming conscious, making intentional choices, and exploring creativity and self-care were huge components in my journey. Being open and honest is hard and scary. And it has transformed a hugely difficult struggle into a positive, healing message.

Now, you’re invited to a collective exploration of authenticity, to weave your narrative into the tapestry of healing and hope that Bloodlines represents. Even if you’re not ready to speak out, come anyway. Listen. Maybe ask a question. Showing up is a powerful act of care for yourself and the others in your life.

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Sure, self-care can look like a luxurious massage or an expensive mani/pedi, or it can look like setting aside time to complete important chores or flossing every night or ensuring adequate rest and some exercising… but it’s also something more— something that soothes your mind and heart, that maybe even changes your fundamental relationship with yourself.”

Read and discuss Bloodlines at our live Virtual Book Club Event!

Let’s start a conversation that continues to grow and transform how we engage with mental health and wellness, from the inside out.

Order your copy of Bloodlines: A Memoir of Harm and Healing today! Grab a picture to upload of the book, your receipt, your online order form, or any proof of purchase! Prepare your questions and open your heart for a live Q&A session.

Ready to join the discussion? Register now, bring your copy of Bloodlines, and let’s craft a new narrative for mental health. Your story might just be the key that unlocks the healing power of connection.

Any questions? Contact me here.

Max. file size: 24 MB.


  1. Tracey, I’m so excited that you are having a book club event online! And that Laura Munson will be hosting it. Wow! I can hardly wait for my copy of your book to arrive. <3 <3 <3

  2. This will be an amazing journey to take with a group of like-minded, caring people! Can’t wait to see you all there. Thank you for organizing this mama!

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