About Tracey Yokas

author, facilitator, artist, advocate, speaker, inspire-r

Who is Tracey?

Official Bio

Tracey Yokas creates stuff. When she isn’t writing about mental health and wellness, she can be found playing with paint, glitter, and glue. Art fuels her passion for connection in community. She is dedicated to supporting women in their journey towards authenticity, and fulfills her mission by creating safe spaces where art, words, and vulnerability meet.

A former entertainment industry professional, Tracey has an affinity for color-coded art supplies. She is the author of the book, Bloodlines: A Memoir of Harm and Healing, coming 2024.

Tracey shares about her family’s journey with mental illness and healing so that others will know they are not alone. Hope is real.

Tracey earned her Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from California Lutheran University and lives in Newbury Park, Ca. with her family, cats, and fish. You can find her on Facebook @traceyyokascreates, and Instagram and LinkedIn @traceyyokas.

My Work & Creations

I am passionate about mental health and wellness and using creativity for self-care and inspiration. I write, teach, and speak so others going through what my family did will know that they are not alone. I aspire to break down barriers and dispel myths around mental illness and, even more importantly, to spark healing. I find joy in supporting people to connect more deeply with themselves and one another through art and words.

Mixed Media Art Classes

I am a mixed-media artist and art teacher. Art is an expression of our inner creative goddess, a manifestation of our intuition. It may seem intimidating at first, but my classes are fun, safe, and approachable. You, yes YOU, have the heart of an artist.

Upcoming Book & Writing

My memoir, Bloodlines: A Memoir of Harm and Healing is coming May 2024.

I write about everything from self-care, mental health, and creativity to tattoos!

Speaking & Events

I succeeded at careers in entertainment and human resources. I’ve been a non-profit board member, teacher, and facilitator. My talents include getting my fingers dirty, encouraging others to do the same, and shining a light on my experiences with a loved one’s mood disorder.

Send me a message

If you have a question, just want to say “hi,” or to inquire about speaking engagements or private art parties send me a message here! I want to hear from you.

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