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Emerge: Ongoing

Alright, so you’ve taken the 6 week Emerge class… Now what?

You know there’s a more authentic version of yourself that is longing to be liberated, to feel free to express itself. You sense you’ve reached a threshold, but don’t know of what or how to take the next steps.

Selected collages from Emerge: the Art of Conscious Choice

Do any of these sound familiar? Maybe you’re…

Feeling Confused & Distracted

You’re just beginning to understand the unconscious forces at play in your life. The progress and learning from Emerge seems to have evaporated.

Getting Pushback from People

No one explained that trying to make healthier, conscious choices would have consequences.

Looking for Your Breakthrough

You saw other students in class have what could be considered breakthroughs or insights and you want the same for yourself.

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This offering is for all of you. It’s your monthly conscious tune-up!

emerge ongoing intro

Introducing Emerge: Ongoing

Monthly meetups to cultivate conscious choice

Similar to the 6 week class Emerge: The Art of Conscious Choice, Emerge: Ongoing uses the tools of mindfulness and meditation, writing and collage. The sessions offer the opportunity to do an even deeper dive into whatever is resonating as we move forward and are designed to provide:

  • Space to regularly engage with the toolkit you began creating in the original Emerge class, and opportunities to discover new tools in caring community
  • Paths to transmute over-thinking into doing/undoing, to dissolve negativity in a complete and loving way, and to fine-tune your listening to your authentic inner voice
  • Renewal in the trust that you’re heading in a healthier direction, of the embodied feeling of walking a new path, even when there aren’t yet words to describe it
  • Tools designed to make discomfort more conscious, so we can use it consciously, and thereby continue to form new patterns and make new choices, in small incremental steps
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Dive Deeper, Live Bigger

Tap into a powerful, playful community ritual where you can live into a more present, trusting, joyful and intuitive YOU. Be the first to know when sessions start!

Continually Emerge in Community

Emerge: Ongoing will NOT follow the same topic order (values, self-care, gratitude, and compassion) as the 6-week Emerge class. The sessions will be more free-flowing, allowing for greater student participation and direction of the material.

Please note Emerge: Ongoing is only available for participants who have already taken Emerge: The Art of Conscious Choice.

Step 1: Sign Up

After you sign up, you’ll get a confirmation email. You can sign up individually for 1-3 sessions each quarter, or get a discount when you purchase all 9 sessions for the year.

Step 2: Attend Sessions

There will be one, 2-hour session per month in:

– January, February, and March
– May, June, and July
– September, October, and November

Zoom details will come prior to each session. Come with your journal, supplies, and an open heart and mind!

Step 3: Repeat!

Take full advantage of this community and the tools to support your growth and expansion. Join in as many times as feels nourishing to you!

From previous students

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“[Emerge] sounded interesting and felt like a way to express myself. Doing mindfulness and art with others is easier than motivating myself to do it. Class taught me how to sit quietly and notice my emotions, which I have a hard time doing instead of just pushing them down like I used to. My therapist encourages me to sit with discomfort and hearing about this in class helped me realize how important it actually is and why. I really enjoyed this class. I think it offered a lot of insight. 10 out of 10.

– Jan P.

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“There are so many nuggets I take away from these classes. I need a regular “injection” so I don’t forget the learning. The main takeaway this time has been the toolkit, putting it into practice and it’s working! Did this class meet my expectations? YES! yes, yes yes!”

– Shari S.

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“[Before I joined Emerge] I was having a lot of anxiety. I was hoping the class would help me deal with it to some extent. I needed a “tune-up” for my self-care practice. Class helped me utilize tools I knew about and inspired me with new ideas and concepts for self-care. the class surpassed my expectations, because I already had tools in my self-care toolkit. But this class reinforced them and I feel I’m better able to care for myself. It’s a practice!”

– Sue S.

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Emerge: Ongoing – The Specifics

What’s included

  • Nine, 2 hour sessions per year: totaling in 18 hours of live facilitation, meditation, art, and conversation
  • Ongoing access to me via email between sessions for questions or comments (please allow 48 hours for response)
  • Reminder emails with attachments and instructions for the upcoming session
  • Brief follow up emails to recap what was covered in the latest session

Your Investment

$25/individual session, or purchase all 9 sessions for a 10% discount!


There is a 3-person minimum requirement for a session to be held.

Common Questions

What do I need to participate?

You need reliable internet for the Zoom calls as well as a quiet area where you won’t be disturbed for the duration of each 2 hour class. You are responsible for obtaining any additional art/collage supplies you wish to use.

Each month, you’ll want to have handy the latest email attachments, your journal, a pen, collaging supplies and an open heart.

How is this different from the 6-week Emerge class?

Emerge: Ongoing will not follow the structure of the main Emerge class. In other words, we will not follow the same flow of talking in order about values, self-care, gratitude, and compassion. The sessions are more free-flowing than that, allowing for greater student participation and direction of the material.

What if I miss a session?

Sorry, but due to the nature of these sessions and the minimum participation requirements, no refunds or recordings will be provided.

How do I get started?

Join Emerge: Ongoing here! You can sign up for one, a few, or all of the sessions. Once signed up, you’ll receive a welcome email with everything you need to know.

Have questions? Send me a message! I’m also happy to set up a fifteen minute consultation to discuss the class in more detail.

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“Connection is why we’re here. We are hardwired to connect with others, it’s what gives purpose and meaning to our lives, and without it there is suffering.”

– Brené Brown

Finding the right recipe to

Sustain change, acceptance and growth

You want to make more meaningful and sustained contact with your intuition but life is hectic. There’s too much noise getting in the way of implementing a ritual that truly works for you.

You want to feel fully charged, ready to tackle making conscious choices in multiple areas of your life. You want to feel resilient, and continue with the support and safety of a community dedicated to the same growth and healing.

You want an opportunity to focus on the joy you felt during the 6 weeks of play, authenticity, expression, connection, consciousness in Emerge… And you know this community can help you feel it!

Emerge: Ongoing is designed to give you everything you need to create continuous, lasting expansion and evolution.

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Regular Ritual

Rituals plays a crucial role in personal growth by providing a sense of structure and meaningfulness to our actions. They offer a way to mark significant moments, create a space for reflection, and allow us to connect with deeper aspects of our psyche. Through ritual, we can set intentions, process emotions, and cultivate a sense of grounding and connection to something larger than ourselves.

Compassionate Community

Experiencing empathy in community is vital to feeling more whole within ourselves. We need a place to feel that we really are in this together, figuring it out, sharing the “wins,” and the “losses,” and a place to make what’s hard a little more bearable. Emerge Ongoing provides a support system, a sense of belonging, and an environment where we can share experiences and learn from others. In community, we find understanding and collective wisdom.

Creative Connection

Creativity is an engine of personal transformation. Carving out time for creativity, we give ourselves permission to inhabit a safe place to explore new possibilities, discover what’s working and what isn’t. It allows us to look with a new perspective at what holds us back and play with the “how” of taking intentional actions. Creativity is not just about artistic pursuits; it is a way of thinking, an approach to life that encourages innovation, flexibility, and growth.


Interested in Emerge: Ongoing?

Sign up to get announcements when sessions begin!

Uncover authenticity as we journey through each session. Join us on the exciting, uplifting, sometimes frustrating but also satisfying path of self-discovery and conscious living!

Connect with people who understand, and experience the power of community and personal growth through Emerge: Ongoing.

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