50 for 50 #15

Here we are again, trying to outwit Mother Nature.

If you read 50 for 50 #14 (here) then you know Garden Scarecrow Eagle Decoy with scary flashing eyes and frightening sound pest repellent—motion activated and solar powered (phew!) is our initial solution to prevent another avian tragedy. (Read here.) Tom fashioned that special platform, and climbed onto the roof to set up the whole situation. Grateful to him for putting his own safety at risk up there to take care of the babies. 

One would think that unwanted pests and predators might notice that the darn thing doesn’t move, but whatevs. We’re taking every precaution to prevent infiltration. And just for good measure, once or twice a day, Tom goes outside and uses a flashlight to activate its motion sensor, which makes the eyes flash red and the noise box squawk. 

So far eagle is working like a charm, and mama doesn’t appear bothered by him one bit. She’s snuggled up in her nest and doing her due diligence. As long as we don’t make eye contact with her or get too close, she seems unfazed by our ministrations. I think she knows we’re on her side. I hope so anyway. 

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