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A Conversation with Vandana

It was such a privilege to spend an hour talking with Vandana Light Healing.

Since I began my healing journey twenty-five years ago, so much new information about epigenetics and generational trauma has emerged. Importantly, the dialogue around suboptimal childhood experiences like mine, that don’t include typical adverse childhood experiences like poverty, war, sexual or physical abuse, domestic violence, or incarcerated family members, is expanding. I grew up with a roof over my head, two parents in the house, and food on the table. I had everything a kid could need. Grew up assuming that meant all my needs were met. As an adult, I naturally therefore concluded my problems and struggles were of my own making, that there was just something wrong with me.

When I was thirty years old and a new mom, in order to figure out how to “fix” myself, I entered therapy for the first time. That decision was an important part of my healing process, but one I wouldn’t fully understand for over two more decades.

Awakening to and accepting that my relationship to my entire adult world was shaped by my earliest experiences floored me. It also enflamed in me a level of compassion for myself, my family, and my parents that I hadn’t believed was possible. It didn’t start with us. It didn’t start with them either. I wasn’t broken and I didn’t need to be fixed.

Adult Children in Recovery Podcast

Whether or not you’re clear on the root causes and effects of your childhood on your adult life and personality dynamics, the Adult Children in Recovery podcast can help. (Please follow at your favorite place to listen, to catch each new episode.) My episode will, I hope, enlighten.


Episode Highlights

I share, in part:

  • My journey overcoming a difficult upbringing with emotionally unavailable parents.
  • How I found healing & acceptance despite years of chaos and confusion.
  • The power of art, journaling, and creativity in processing childhood trauma.
  • Breaking the cycle of generational trauma and healing the transmission bonds with my daughter.

It takes a long time and a lot of work, but pre-verbal childhood trauma can be addressed and healed one small step at a time. And this practice, which we do for ourselves, has no choice but to enhance our bonds with everyone we know.


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Podcast Resources

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  1. I can relate to your experience in many ways, Tracey. It’s great we are talking about these not-so-obvious kinds of childhood trauma. It’s tragic how our childhood experiences can sometimes thwart our ability to live a wholehearted life. The effort to work through the pain is worth the reward, for sure.
    I really enjoyed listening to what you said on the podcast. You are an inspiration. I know your upcoming memoir will contain so many more details and insights that can inspire people to start or continue on their own healing journeys.

    1. Thank you so much, Sue. There is much more momentum now to understand the way “regular” folks can be conditioned from our very beginning, along with those inheritances. I’m glad for the dialogue around these issues, because it helps all of us lead more connected, healthier lives! Thanks for listening.

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