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Emerge success!

Emerge session 1 was a hit! Faithe and I couldn’t be happier that the vision we had and what we hoped to share has turned into reality.

We want to thank the participants of our first Emerge session.

In case you missed it

What: Emerge: Mindful Creative Inspiration was a workshop focused on helping participants learn how to live mindfully and creatively.
Why: So they could make more conscious choices in life and work
How: With the foundation of meditation and creativity (level 1)
Exploring the themes/tools of values, self-care, gratitude, and self-compassion (level 2)
And then connecting in shared common humanity and community with the other participants (level 3)

A box, with all the necessary supplies, was shipped to each person ahead of the first class.

emerge 3 levels
Our 3 tier design gives you all the tools you need to carry the learning into daily life.

Each Emerge session went something like this, focused on the week’s theme:

  1. Meditation with Faithe
  2. Writing prompt and collage time with Tracey
  3. Community conversation

Here’s what folks had to say about their experience with Emerge:

Thanks to both of you for sharing your stories and wisdom in meditation, art, and mindfulness. Your classes allowed me the time and space to pause and delve deeper into what self-care and self-compassion mean and how I can apply them in my everyday life. Emerge reminded me to show myself grace and compassion, and to know that this is where I am in my journey–and it’s perfectly okay. Thank you for the fun, enriching, and insightful classes, Tracey and Faithe!

Jeni D.

The Emerge classes were very transformative for me, emotionally and creatively. What an incredible journey the last four weeks have been. I’ve learned a lot about myself through guided meditation and creative expression. Thank you Tracey and Faithe for sharing your experiences and talents with us.

Donna J.

A great introduction to the benefits of creativity and meditation! Learning self-care is essential to one’s ability to feel contentedness (most of the time) and joy (some of the time, and hopefully at least once a day). Tracey and Faithe will help start you on this journey. It’s fun, easy and rewarding.

Sue S.

Behind the Scenes

Art time in every class

Time in every class is dedicated to collage art. Why? Because it’s simple and fun. And, your art is a unique expression of you! As Brené Brown says, “If you want to make meaning, make art.”

(Note: You DO NOT need to be an artist or to feel like you’re already creative to take this class. You’re human, which means you’re inherently creative. Collage is an easy way to get in touch with your playful creativity!)

Survey results are in!

Q: Overall, how do you feel about your Emerge experience? 100% say, It was the best!

Q: Do you feel the program achieved its stated goal of helping you make conscious choices? 100% say, Yes!

Q: Would you recommend Emerge to a friend? 100% say, Yes!

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Here we are. . .

Hard at community-ing!

Biggest complaints

Each class of 60 minutes was too short. The 4 week session was too short.

Our Answer

The next session of Emerge will be longer! Each class will be 75 minutes and the session will last 6 weeks! More juicy goodness!


Limited to an intimate 6 participants per session

Why mindfulness? Studies indicate that a regular meditation practice may have health benefits, including lower heart rate and blood pressure, reduced stress, and a quieter, clearer mind. Mindful presence provides the focus to realize potential and identify desire as we move into our new normal.

Why art? We create art to make meaning. (Why collage? Because it’s fun and easy! It isn’t messy and doesn’t require a lot of space. NO artistic experience is necessary.)

MORE TIME for Faithe and Tracey to explain why! Why conscious choices matter. Why meditation matters. Why art matters. And HOW the themes of values, self-care, gratitude, and compassion play into conscious choices and Emerging as our best selves!

You can learn more about Faithe Raphael and her program offerings HERE.
You can learn more about me HERE.

Read an article posted by the American Psychological Association on the benefits of mindfulness practice HERE.
Read an article on the Therapy Group of NYC blog about the benefits of creativity HERE.

Program Note: This class is 100% secular.

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