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I am so excited to announce my first ever LIVE author interview! I "met" author, Rhonda Hayes Curtis, via Facebook when I saw a post about her newly published memoir, Love At The Last Minute. As soon as I saw the book's subtitle, A Mother's Journey to Courage, Acceptance, and Wisdom, I knew I needed to get this book into my hands asap. Also, I reached out to "friend" Rhonda and say, "hello." I introduced myself and explained that I was working with Jennie Nash (as Rhonda had) on my first memoir and that while my plot line is very different from Rhonda's, we share some deep universal themes. Rhonda kindly wrote me back and we started a correspondence. The rest, as they say, is history.

Here's the blurb from Rhonda's book:

Rhonda Hayes promised to give her thirty-five-year-old dying daughter, Sherry, anything she wanted. When Sherry requested that her mother sign up for a dating site, Rhonda was panic-struck. What would people think? Only nine months earlier, Rhonda's devoted husband, Greg, had died from cancer. Keeping her promise, Rhonda acquiesced to Sherry's wish. Together they completed a dating profile; moments before hitting SUBMIT, Rhonda added these words:

My daughter has terminal cancer and she is my life right now. Why would I be on a dating site? She is encouraging me to move on with my life and what a treat it would be if you had the opportunity to meet her. She is an angel.

Weeks later, Rhonda was immersed in two worlds: the exhilaration of falling in love and the despair of watching her daughter die.

Love At The Last Minute is a memoir about finding courage, acceptance, and love. It's also about how opening up to God's plan can truly bring miracles into your life.


I'm incredibly excited for you to meet Rhonda and to hear her inspirational story of love, loss, and healing.

The details: I'm facilitating a one hour Google Hangout On Air on: Thursday, April 28 at 10:00am PT

Rhonda and I plan to chat for about 45 minutes and then open up the discussion for questions. I hope you'll join us, we're going to have fun.

To be invited to the hangout, we need to be in a Google plus Circle together. Message me here or email me directly if you have questions about how to join us.

Thank you!

Up Next: Inspired by my friend, Rebecca Miri, I'm finally going to read Tara Brach's Radical Acceptance. I bought the book years ago and just haven't made time to move it to the top of my pile. Until now! Thank you Rebecca!

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