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Last call for book club

We’re beginning soon!


“This book focuses on how bearing witness to the truth of living reveals the mysteries of life.”

–Mark Nepo

How it works

When: September – December, 2021. We take our time to suit everyone’s busy schedule and adequately digest what we’re reading and learning. Each week, we’ll read approximately 20 pages. I’m building extra time in the schedule for breaks and to catch up.

The Basics

1. The book club is hosted here on the website in the form of blog posts and “conversation” held below, in the comment section. The first post for drinking from the river of light will arrive in your email inbox on September 2. We’ll work our way through the book during the months of Sept., Oct., Nov. (we will skip the week of Thanksgiving), and early Dec.

2. Since this is a virtual book club we do not meet in person. Each week a different person will spearhead writing about the book sections we just read. What I mean by “spearhead” is this: Each week a different person will write the primary post relative to the reading. I will send out more guidelines to this, but I want our book club to be interactive. The best way to achieve this goal online is for different people to write about the material. I will go first and we will rotate one participant per week every week thereafter until we finish. The number of people who join will determine how many posts we each write.

3. Please note: YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE A WRITER TO PARTICIPATE. This book club is intended to generate conversation among people who want to learn and grow. The intent is not to debate semantics or grammar or to focus in any way on writing ability. Comments in the comment section under each post can be any reasonable length. Posts should not be much longer than 1,000 words. Please remember: The writing is not “the thing.” Conversation, connection, community, and learning are what drive my desire for this project.

4. When it’s your turn to spearhead, you must get your written comments to me via email on Wednesday.

My email blast generates every Thursday morning and will deliver the week’s content directly to your email inbox, just like this blog post. Once the email goes out Thursday morning, the rest of the readers will then have access to the comment section under the post to share ideas and wisdom. Every reader who is not spearheading the chapter will commit to writing at least one comment on the primary post. I hope we’ll choose to write many, and we’ll respond to each other in a sensitive and engaging manner.

5. Zoom connection: This is a new component. I will schedule 1 zoom session at the beginning and 1 at the midway point so we can talk “in person” about what we’re learning. More on this later.

6. If you are interested in joining us or have questions please write a comment in the comment section below or message me directly via my email: I’ll take you any way I can get you! I’ll communicate directly with everyone who signs up before we begin.

Understand that this will be a commitment and an investment of time and energy. My last 3 book clubs were, IMHO, worth the effort.

What you need

The book, a journal, a pen, and an open heart.

This book is about “practicing a personal form of expression” and is designed to “help us wake closer to life.” Every few pages Mark invites us to turn to our journal and write about what we’re thinking, feeling, experiencing etc. You will do personal writing for this book club, which is something new to our journey. I may, from time to time, also encourage you to do a little art. We will NOT be sharing most of our personal journal writing. When it your time to write the post only share what makes you comfortable. How much writing and art you do on your own time is entirely up to you. The more you invest, the more you’ll reap.

Please note:

As with any public forum, rules of decorum prevail. We will respect each other’s opinions. We are free, of course, to disagree, but will do so with utmost respect. If we don’t understand a comment, we’ll ask. If we’d like further discussion on a topic, we’ll generate it. You are free not to comment on material you find offensive. (I reserve the right to delete any comment I deem inappropriate.)


  1. Do I have to read the book ahead of time? No. We, together, will start the book at the beginning of September and read as we go. This is not a read ahead type of book club.
  2. Do I have to agree to spearhead to participate in book club? No. You aren’t required to spearhead, but you are required to comment on every week’s post.
  3. Do I have to be a writer to participate? No. Many participants in past book clubs are not writers. The writing isn’t the thing. Connection is.
  4. Do I have to share about topics I don’t want to? No. You should only share what you’re comfortable sharing.
  5. Do I have to do the art “assignments?” No. They are optional.


By September 2, read the introduction through What It Means to See (ends on page 29). At your own pace, do Mark’s suggested journal prompts. (This is will get you in the groove prior to the start of weekly reading and posting.)

You can read more about Mark Nepo HERE.

You can read more about this specific book HERE.


  1. I loved participating in your past virtual book club reads and I’m looking forward to delving into this one!

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