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Notes on gratitude 50 for 50 #20

I'm thrilled to report that this batch of babies has flown the coop.

Look closely. In the picture on the left, you can see the mama (her green back is facing the camera) perched on the edge of the nest and the two babies within (to her left). Tom snapped this shot while I was away on my trip. By the time I returned home and took the other picture, only poop remained. Sorry the photos are blurry, but it was the best we could do under the circumstances. Now, the three of them are mere blurs zooming to and fro around the back yard. 

Rationally, I know their survival had nothing to do with us. Emotionally, I'm stoked to feel like we "pulled one over" on nature and the circle of life, but mostly on the damn predators. I don't know how much credit to bestow on Garden Scarecrow Eagle Decoy with scary flashing eyes and frightening sound pest repellent—motion activated and solar powered. Though we may have succeeded without him, the extra layer of security did our hearts good. 

Oh joy and love!

hummingbird 2018 mamababies


  1. So happy to hear the babies survived their infancy! You need to give yourself partial credit for their survival, even if you don't feel that's rational. Here's my argument: you provide a comfortable & safe haven for nesting every spring. That's a big deal. <3 <3 <3

  2. Aw, so sweet! Glad they made it! We have ducks in our backyard, mostly they come to visit the pool, I think they think it's a lake. Last week we noticed an egg in the planter near the pool. It's still there but I worry it's not going to make it because mama duck isn't there all the time. Nature will do what's intended. But I hope there's a little duckling soon! Fun to take notice of what's right in our own backyards 🙂

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