Some Things That I Love, Notes on Gratitude

Part of my journey over the last couple of years has been to cultivate a practice of taking time to notice the little things, like this bunch of Gerber daisies at the supermarket.

Today was one of those days–hurry up and wait, run over here and then go over there–while feeling a tad bit sorry for myself that life isn't going according to plan. I was thinking about this enough to feel down, but I was also trying to embrace the feeling and welcome it into my heart. I work on the practice of letting in to let go. Embracing to say good-bye or at least as a path to acceptance. I was expecting relief to take a while. It usually does.

Wouldn't you know it, just as I concentrated and gave full mindful thought to the image of wrapping imaginary arms around the difficulty, I noticed this bunch of flowers right next to the check-out line.

Tracy, the checker (whom I adore simply because we share a name, minus my pesky 'e') scanned the price tag and said, "Wow. These are really cheerful."

"They sure are," I replied, and gently placed them in my cart. Now they're in my daughter's room to brighten her also otherwise difficult day. I hope they do the trick. They did for me.


  1. I love fresh flowers – even one or two tucked into a bottle or a bunch stuffed in a vase always make the day , anyone's day , a little cheerier.

  2. My mom saw beauty in nature that I didn't even notice. We'd be driving along and she'd say, "Look at those pink flowers in that tree." I hadn't even noticed the tree, no less its flowers. She'd see details, I'd see the big picture… the street, the cars, the buildings. When I'm walking or sitting in the passenger seat, I want to be mindful of the beauty in the details like she was.

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