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Untamed book club

Hello Glennon Doyle's Untamed gang! 

Let’s get this party started.

The basic guidelines and preliminary schedule are detailed below. I will spearhead the first post, which will land in your email inbox on Thursday, October 15. (As long as my e-blast functions properly. And you have signed up to receive the email. If you need help with that message me directly.)

Basic Guidelines:
1.    As with any public forum, rules of decorum prevail. We will respect each other’s opinions. We are free to disagree, but will do so with utmost respect. If we don’t understand a comment, we’ll ask. If we’d like further discussion on a topic, we’ll generate it. I reserve the right to delete any comment I find offensive or inappropriate. Glennon has humor and can use swearwords. I don’t know what lies in store in regard to this. No one needs to comment on material they find offensive, but we will cut each other slack in that department. 

2.    Remember: My blog is a public forum so comment accordingly. Don’t tell the group deeply personal information if it makes you uncomfortable, and don’t write anything you wouldn’t want the general public to know.

3.    If you aren’t spearheading leave your comment in the comment section under the week’s post. Check back once in a while during the week and see if you’d like to make additional comments based on what others are saying.

4.    If you are spearheading the vignettes for the week, please remember to email your write-up to me at by Wednesday morning. As far as length goes, if you’re a writing type person, try to keep your post in the 600-800 word range, no more than 1,000. If you’re not a writing type person that means up to about 3 pages double spaced in Word. To find out how many words your post contains look in the lower left hand corner of the document. Word keeps track there of word count.

5.    If you haven’t signed up to receive my email newsletter, please do so before we begin. Go to the Home Page and scroll down until you see Stay Informed. Enter your name and email address and click Subscribe. You’ll get a confirmation email in your inbox. Click the link to confirm.

How it works (to re-iterate):
1.    If you are spearheading the vignettes, you will get your write-up to me on Wednesday prior to your scheduled day (see below for schedule).

2.    Using your material, I will generate the post and it will go out via email on Thursday morning to everyone who is signed up to receive my newsletter. As soon as it goes out, the comment section is open for use.

3.    Everyone who agreed to participate will please leave at least one comment. Let’s have fun! We have a diverse group with varied perspectives. Let’s learn as much as we can from each other and grow in our knowledge. 
4.    If you’re particularly excited one week (or more) about the dialogue we’re generating, feel free to share it with friends you think might also be interested.

Schedule and Spearheaders:
Since I haven’t heard back from everyone about spearheading, I’m assigning only the first 6 people. If you want to spearhead and your name is not on the list please contact me. If you don’t want to spearhead let me know.

Vignettes                              Spearheader                Date of Post 
Prologue – tick marks           Tracey Yokas               Oct 15
algorithms – feel                    Susan Schwartz           Oct 22 
know – smiles                       Melanie Speros           Oct 29
goals – beach houses           Wendy Goldsten          Nov 5
temperatures – touch trees   Faithe Raphael            Nov 12
buckets – talks                       Kelly Alblinger             Nov 19

woods – bloodbaths               EB Wex                        Dec 3 (we'll skip the week of Thanksgiving)

I’ll assign the rest closer to date when we have a better idea who else wants to write.

**remember your write-up is due to me at one day prior, on Wednesday morning, to the date of your post.** 

Questions to help you if you feel stuck: 
(You do NOT have to use these questions. I wanted to have a few suggestions in case someone needs a little help to get started.)

1.    Does a/the issue(s) in these vignettes affect your life? How so, directly?

2.    Pick a specific passage to discuss that struck you as significant or interesting. What was memorable about it and why?

3.    What have you learned from this/ese vignettes? How has it broadened your perspective and how do you plan to incorporate into your life?

4.    How does what Glennon writes coincide with how you were raised to deal with the issue(s) addressed? Is living "untamed" a fit with your basic character and/or upbringing or is this something you have to learn to incorporate? Do you want to?

I know this is a lot of information to take in at one time. Don’t worry; we’re going to take this adventure one week at a time!

WE’RE ABOUT TO GET READING AND LEARN HOW TO HELP EACH OTHER BE UNTAMED! If you missed the first book club post for Untamed, you can read it HERE.


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