The most powerful words in the English language are, ‘Me, too.’” – Anne Lamott

I have opinions about a whole bunch of stuff. I bet you do too. The problem is that sometimes I don’t know what my opinion is exactly; I just know I have one! When that happens, I turn to people close to me to figure it out. That’s what I’m hoping to build here—a community of people who are trying to figure themselves, and this crazy thing we call life, out.

I want to riff on all kinds of topics: being a wife, mother, friend, teacher. Some of our conversations will be easy and fun, others not so much. I learned a lot on my life journey over the last couple of years that I hope can bring people hope and inspiration. I’d like to share what I learned with you, here.

Please join me. Let’s be each other’s, Me too. We may not always understand or agree with different points of view, but we can always be each other’s support system.


  1. Dearest Tracey,
    What a wonderful site this is! I am so excited to get to read your posts and join the conversations. Simply by virtue of becoming an "adult" at 18 does not mean we have been "raised" completely. If we are lucky, our parents did their part, but as individuals, we have to continue the journey to get to a place that feels right. Over time, we can count on our paths being smooth, rocky or somewhere in between. There is so much work to be done over time, through college, career, family, children, friends, difficult people and situations… It takes some of us longer than others to figure it all out. Better late than never, right?

    I'm not saying I've arrived at the end of my psychological development. Not a chance! I can say I'm a lot better off now than I was five years ago. And way better off than 20 years ago! The pain in dealing with my issues, instead of trying to bury them, has served me well. I am so much happier than I used to be. How great does that bode for my husband, kids, parents and friends? : )

  2. Thank you Susan for your thoughts here! Yes, I agree so totally–a lot of work to be done. The lucky part, is that most of us have a lot left to do. Some more than others maybe, but that's the great part about being on the journey together. We can learn and grow from each others triumphs and "mistakes" (I use the word lightly since I prefer "learning opportunities!). I've made more than my fair share and maybe more than most!

    And yes-that's the beauty, isn't it? That when we make the effort to work on ourselves and make us happier, we inevitably make those around us happier too. I can't wait to get started!

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