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New program alert: Emerge Mindful Artistic Inspiration

Friends, I’m excited to announce a new class offering!

Emerge: Mindful Artistic Inspiration

Bullet point details:

What: Mindfulness by Faithe and Tracey Yokas Creates are teaming up to bring you mindful artistic inspiration called: Emerge
When: 60 minutes @10a – 11a pacific for 4 Saturdays, July 17 – August 7
How: Via zoom
Cost: This 4 week session only, $99 (*Includes a box shipped to you ahead of time with everything you need.) Click HERE to purchase now.

Limited to an intimate 6 participants per session
Registration must be completed by July 7.

More details

Why: As we emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic, we have a unique opportunity to make choices. How do we want to emerge? What forced changes might we like to voluntarily incorporate into post-quarantine life? What can we let go of? How to decide? This 4 week class is designed to help you clarify your values and make conscious decisions as you move forward.

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Each week will have a particular focus. They are:
Week 1: values
Week 2: self-care
Week 3: gratitude
Week 4: compassion

(Content is 100% secular)


Class begins with Faithe and a guided mindfulness practice based on each week’s topic. From there, we dive into creativity with Tracey. We complete a short, simple writing prompt and then, using supplies from the box, we collage. After the creative exploration, we talk about the themes and ideas that arose and how to integrate them into “regular” life. The last 5 minutes of the sessions are dedicated to an energy boosting visualization, led by Faithe.

Why mindfulness? Studies indicate that a regular mindfulness practice may have health benefits, including lower heart rate and blood pressure, reduced stress, and a quieter, clearer mind. Mindful presence provides the focus to realize potential and identify desire as we move into our new normal.

Why art? We create art to make meaning. (Why collage? Because it’s fun and easy! It isn’t messy and doesn’t require a lot of space. NO artistic experience is necessary.)

Box contents: a journal, collage elements, glue stick, scissors, pen, and much more. Maybe a couple of surprises!

Faithe is an author and mindfulness coach. She has completed the 9 month Sounds True Inner MBA program. You can read more about her and her programs HERE.

An exceptional value at just $99. (This session only) To purchase click HERE.

Limited to an intimate 6 participants per session
Registration must be completed by July 7.

Read an article posted by the American Psychological Association on the benefits of mindfulness practice HERE.
Read an article on the Therapy Group of NYC blog about the benefits of creativity HERE.

Program Note: This class is 100% secular.

In our personal lives, Faithe and I have experienced the powerful benefits of mindfulness practice combined with creativity. We are excited to share what we’ve learned and to continue to learn and grow with you in community. Taking care of our mental health and wellness is more important than ever as we emerge from the pandemic. Some of us are excited to blast back to regular routines. Others want to take it slow. Wherever you are on that continuum, Emerge is a chance to get to know yourself better and to determine priorities. And we’re going to have FUN.

I believe in self-care as a way of life, an attitude. That’s its transformative power works on us best from the inside out. Internal toxic messages are part of life for many of us, myself included. Art practice is play, which we need for a healthy and enjoyable life. It nurtures peace and joy. It also allows us to nurture self-compassion in an easy-going way. Emerge is a self-care gift from us to you that Faithe and I enjoyed creating. We hope you’ll give yourself permission to join us on this 4 week journey.

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  1. Hi, it’s Suzy Henschel Weener,cousin to Neal Henschel ..Love this.. going out of town but would love to participate some time😘

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